We are a household of four but our family extends beyond blood. We love the outdoors, but yet, love who we experience them with more. Here at SightinSea, we’re starting a journey with a dream of sharing something: that same love for creation and a line of gear that aides us to enjoy it immeasurably. We know that adventure is around every corner, and we plan to be prepared for it with great gear and a collaboration of warm memories and stories to come.

Casted into action in 2017, we are a brand born only 100 miles from the gulf coast of Texas. We decided one day that merging what we love and who we love was something we would rather invest our time into together. Centralizing our hobbies with a means to provide for our family is what the American Dream is all about. We decided to act like deep, authentic Americans and the result is a combination of quality with functionality for the exploration of the great unknown. Now, we work at expanding a hub of information while also bringing in our own batch of goods that capture the spirit and simplicity of being outdoors. We hope that SightinSea can become more than a brand, but rather a lifestyle.