Nichole the Artist

Nichole the Artist

Continuing our strand of blogs to give credit where it is due and introduce you to some of the miracle workers here behind the scenes at Sight in Sea, we have up next Nichole Vaughan. Nichole has spent the better part of her career teaching in public schools in the Karnes County area. While education is a big passion of hers, she has always sought ways to grow her creativity. Nichole has dabbled in everything from painting and drawing to vinyl crafts and digital design. Cue: Sight in Sea. She is the creative hand behind most of the designs you see here at Sight in Sea and loves to learn and expand her artistic knowledge through digital forms. Because of her ability to juggle (not literally), she is also the “secretarial-sales woman-account manager” wheels on the ground doing a little bit of everything.

So, allow me to introduce you to Nichole; digitally, interview style. 

Give me 3 words that describe you.

“Detailed, Task-oriented, Creative”

Tell me about you and your family.

“Bronson and I have been married for almost ten years! We have enjoyed big city life (Dallas) for the first 4 years of our relationship and during our 2nd year of marriage, we moved back down to our tiny town where Bronson spent most of his childhood and teenage years growing up. We have a 7 year old son, Lincoln; and a 5 year old son, Oliver. We now enjoy the privileges and responsibilities that go along with living on our family's ranch. Raising our boys in "the country" is something we cherish because it teaches us patience as parents and our boys how to work hard, then play hard. We, as a family, enjoy hunting of all sorts, fishing, bike riding, camping, hiking, and exploring, even when it's in our own backyard (which it usually is).”

What are your hobbies and how do you identify with Sight in Sea?

“My hobbies are spending time with my family, drinking coffee, and crafting/creating anything from a new wreath, a logo for local companies, sewing a new blanket, to making birthday party decorations. My strongest identity with Sight in Sea is the bond of hobby and family.”

Your specific skill set is part of why you are on this team. Tell us about your "side" business which lead you to Sight in Sea. We are building a co-op village and want to lift you up as well!

“I love creating artwork that recognizably brings different ideas or past times together. For example, seeing a cool image of the coast of Texas not only triggers the past-time of fishing, but ownership and identity of where YOU fish, specifically. Every person who now looks at that image will take pride in a different piece of the coast; which will, in turn, trigger a happy feeling from a memory. The fact that I could sit here today and create something on my computer that will create different but authentic joy and ownership in every person who sees it for years to come is really special.”

If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which would it be an why?

“A bear. I am 100% mama bear... but more than that, I love the woods and I seem to grit down and work hard in seasons. I work hard to get everything done so then I can rest for a while. Then it is time to get back at it again. I am not the "on-all-the-time" kind of person.”

What's your favorite food to eat that's been cooked on an open fire?

“Bacon-Wrapped Dove & Crispy Potatoes”

If you could choose one celebrity to be an ambassador of Sight in Sea who would it be?

“Girl: Jessica Biel Guy: Matthew McConaughey”

How would you describe a Texas sunset to a blind person?

“The warmth of a fire on a cold night and the joy you feel when your favorite song comes on the radio all while eating your favorite meal with your favorite person.”

Name 5 unique uses for your pocket knife.

“Getting out a splinter, cutting a tarp, screwing in a flat-head screw, scraping gum off your kid's carseat, and feeling bad-a** because you snuck something into the rodeo.”

If you could learn a new language in one day, what language would you choose?


What was the last gift you gave to someone?

“A soapy sponge thing for my mom”


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