Lane the Media Man

Lane the Media Man

Here we go: We are blessed to have another week to introduce another miracle worker here at Sight in Sea. Truly behind the screens, I mean scenes, is Lane Moczygemba. He has so many gifts and strengths from photography and social media know-hows to the gritty coding that creates “all the things” here on our website. Lane is the creator of West Bound Media Co. 

So, allow me to introduce you to Lane; digitally, of course, and interview style. 

Give me 3 words that describe you.

“Honest, Clever, Hard Working”

Tell me about you and your family.

“My wife, Shelby, and I have been married for 2.5 years and live with our chocolate lab, Major, in San Antonio, TX. We're both products of ranching families from South Texas and both avid supporters of the University of Texas. I earned my BA in English, as well as my MBA, from Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX. Shelby earned her BS in Kinesiology from the University of Texas, then went on to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine. We enjoy spending time with friends, as well as traveling to new places to hike and sightsee.”

What are your hobbies and how do you identify with Sight in Sea?

“Hunting, fishing, ranching, camping, shooting, archery, BBQ, cooking, the outdoors, photography.”

Your specific skill set is part of why you are on this team. Tell us about your "side" business which lead you to Sight in Sea. We are building a co-op village and want to lift you up as well!

“I started a blog a couple of years ago and started growing my audience through Instagram. That led to meeting a lot of people, including Sight in Sea, and ultimately led to me creating a separate company altogether.

Westbound Media Co. is my "side hustle". It's a full service digital marketing and design agency, where we cover anything from website design to graphics to photography and content creation for social media.”

If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which would it be an why?

“Probably a horse. They're super loyal, once you earn their trust and respect. They're also hard working and determined.”

What's your favorite food to eat that's been cooked on an open fire?

“Does brisket count?”

If you could choose one celebrity to be an ambassador of Sight in Sea who would it be?

“Chris Pratt”

How would you describe a Texas sunset to a blind person?

“Imagine sitting near a warm, pulsing fire on a cool summer night.”

Name 5 unique uses for your pocket knife.

“Opening feed bags, cleaning dirt from under fingernails, skinning deer, cutting jerky,”

If you could learn a new language in one day, what language would you choose?


What was the last gift you gave to someone?

“I gave my dad's buddies some Westbound Soul caps.”


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